Online Giving

Welcome to online giving for Brazos Meadows.  And thank you!

At Brazos, we believe that we worship God in many ways.  One of those is through our financial giving.  We encourage you to use our online giving as an act of worship as you give to the Lord.


Please remember these END-OF-YEAR GIVING TIPS:
If you give via mail, your check must be dated in 2022 and the envelope must be postmarked by 12/31/22. If you drop it by the office, it must be in our office by Wednesday 2:00 PM, 12/28/22. If you give online, please give by 12/28/22 so the lag time between banks will ensure you get credit for 2022.  *To be clear, if you drop a check off at the church after Wed 12/28/22 at 2:00pm, regardless of when it is dated, it will be credited in 2023.*

Thank you! Please consult your tax advisor with any questions.

You can give via check, credit card or debit card.  You can set up "recurring giving" which means that you can set the amount you want to donate, and it will happen automatically each month.  (If you would like to cover the processing fees in addition to your donation:  We are charged 2.7% when you give using any type of card, and only 1% for e-checks / ACH transactions.)

Ways to give electronically:

  • Online using the “Give Now” button above
  • Text message

If you would like to give by text message, simply text  BRAZOS $(dollar amount)  to 73256 using your mobile device.

Example:  BRAZOS $1  to 73256


Thank you for giving!