Our Purpose

Love God

One of the foundations of following Jesus is to continually recognize Him as King in our hearts and minds. As we come to Christ in corporate worship, we humbly bow, joyfully shout, and unashamedly proclaim what Jesus means to us. Most of the folks who explore Brazos do so first in our worship service.

Love Others

The best way to get plugged into the life of Brazos Meadows is to begin attending Bible Study or our Worship service.

You'll find a chance to connect and grow with people in a safe environment. You will also find the opportunity to facilitate your growth in your relationship with God as you grow with others.

Serve the World

Jesus modeled for us that we should serve, bless, and heal people. As individual members of Brazos, we do that in a variety of ways. But as a body of believers, we express our service to the world through our D2 groups, as we make a practical difference in the community, looking to engage the world with the Good News of Jesus.