Info for New Believers

If you're a new follower of Jesus, there are several things that are critical to your newfound faith.

  • Spend a few minutes each day reading the Bible and praying. It will likely be awkward at first, maybe even a bit strange. You'll find, however, that since your newfound faith is a relationship with Jesus, as with any relationship, the more time you spend with Him, the more you'll grow to love and appreciate Him. Start out with 10 minutes a day.  We think you'll find that you want more time as the weeks go by. You might want to read a devotional each day. A great link is at Crosswalk devotionals.
  • Meet regularly with other believers. Christianity is not for Lone Rangers. It is designed only to work in community. So worship regularly with other believers. And meet with other believers for Bible study and fellowship, all in a safe place. 
  • Find ways God can use you. He wants you to tell your story - what He has done for you. And God wants you to serve and bless others. God has blessed you, and given you the privilege to be a blessing to others.